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Benjamin Disraeli, 1st Earl of Beaconsfield, KG, PC, DL, JP, FRS, was a prominent British statesman, a member of the Conservative Party, and a writer who held the office of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on two occasions. He was a pivotal figure in shaping the modern Conservative Party, influencing its policies and expanding its appeal to a wider audience. Wikipedia

“Man is only truly great when he acts from the passions; never irresistible but when he appeals to the imagination.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“A Conservative Government is an organized hypocrisy.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“All is mystery; but he is a slave who will not struggle to penetrate the dark veil.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“All is race – there is no other truth.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“I am prepared for the worst, but hope for the best.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Enthusiasm is the breath of genius.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Finality is not the language of politics.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“It is well-known what a middleman is: he is a man who bamboozles one party and plunders the other.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“A University should be a place of light, of liberty, and of learning.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Despair is the conclusion of fools.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Characters do not change. Opinions alter, but characters are only developed.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Grief is the agony of an instant. The indulgence of grief the blunder of a life.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Beauty and health are the chief sources of happiness.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“The expected always happens.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Individuals may form communities, but it is institutions alone that can create a nation.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Bore: one who has the power of speech but not the capacity for conversation.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Great countries are those that produce great people.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Predominant opinions are generally the opinions of the generation that is vanishing.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Fear makes us feel our humanity.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“A man’s fate is his own temper.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“If you want to be a leader of people, you must learn to watch events.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Nothing can withstand the power of the human will if it is willing to stake its very existence to the extent of its purpose.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“A man’s fate is his own temper; and according to that will be his opinion as to the particular manner in which the course of events is regulated. A consistent man believes in destiny, a capricious man in chance.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Yes, I am a Jew, and when the ancestors of the right honorable gentleman were brutal savages in an unknown island, mine were priests in the temple of Solomon.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“The more you are talked about the less powerful you are.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Were it not for music, we might in these days say, the Beautiful is dead.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“I have brought myself, by long meditation, to the conviction that a human being with a settled purpose must accomplish it, and that nothing can resist a will which will stake even existence upon its fulfillment.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“To supervise people, you must either surpass them in their accomplishments or despise them.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Success is a product of unremitting attention to purpose.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“A member of Parliament to Disraeli: ‘Sir, you will either die on the gallows or of some unspeakable disease.’ That depends, Sir,? said Disraeli, ’whether I embrace your policies or your mistress.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Change is inevitable. Change is constant.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“To be conscious that you are ignorant of the facts is a great step to knowledge.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“We are not creatures of circumstance; we are creators of circumstance.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“All my successes have been built on my failures.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“There are so many plans, so many schemes, and so many reasons why there should be neither plans nor schemes.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Man is not the creature of circumstances, circumstances are the creatures of men. We are free agents, and man is more powerful than matter.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Life is too short to be little. Man is never so manly as when he feels deeply, acts boldly, and expresses himself with frankness and with fervor.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“War is never a solution; it is an aggravation.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Party is organized opinion.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Man is a being born to believe. And if no church comes forward with its title-deeds of truth to guide him, he will find altars and idols in his own heart and his own imagination.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Friendship is the gift of the gods, and the most precious boon to man.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Two nations between whom there is no intercourse and no sympathy; who are as ignorant of each other’s habits, thoughts, and feelings, as if they were dwellers in different zones, or inhabitants of different planets. The rich and the poor.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“The affections are the children of ignorance; when the horizon of our experience expands, and models multiply, love and admiration imperceptibly vanish.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“At present the peace of the world has been preserved, not by statesmen, but by capitalists.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“A consistent soul believes in destiny, a capricious one in chance.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“When men are pure, laws are useless; when men are corrupt, laws are broken.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“I will not go down to posterity talking bad grammar.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Luck is what a capricious man believes in.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“The greatest of all evils is a weak government.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Eloquence is the child of knowledge. When a mind is full, like a wholesome river, it is also clear.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“The care of the public health is the first duty of the statesman.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Ignorance never settles a question.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“I do not like giving advice: it is incurring an unnecessary responsibility.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“London is a roost for every bird.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“The right honourable gentleman caught the Whigs bathing, and walked away with their clothes. He has left them in the full enjoyment of their liberal positions, and he is himself a strict conservative of their garments.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“The wisdom of the wise and the experience of the ages are perpetuated by quotations.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Taking a new step, uttering a new word, is what people fear most.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Life is too short to be little. You must enlarge your imagination and then act on it.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“The palace is not safe when the cottage is not happy.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Gentlemen, the Tory party, unless it is a national party, is nothing.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Everything comes if a man will only wait.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“As a rule, he or she who has the most information will have the greatest success in life.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Nature is more powerful than education; time will develop everything.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Most people die with their music still locked up inside them.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“I suppose, to use our national motto, something will turn up.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“I am the blank page between the Old and the New Testament.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“We are taught words, not ideas.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“No affection and a great brain, these are the people to command the world.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“One of the hardest things in this world is to admit you are wrong. And nothing is more helpful in resolving a situation than its frank admission.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“I rather like bad wine; one gets so bored with good wine.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Truth travels slowly, but it will reach even you in time.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“I am a Conservative to preserve all that is good in our constitution, a Radical to remove all that is bad.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Man is not the creature of circumstances, circumstances are the creatures of men.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“The legacy of heroes is the memory of a great name and the inheritance of a great example.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“I have climbed to the top of the greasy pole!” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“A dark horse, which had never been thought of, rushed past the grandstand in sweeping triumph.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“He was distinguished for ignorance; for he had only one idea, and that was wrong.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“The secret to success is constancy of purpose.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Nobody is forgotten when it is convenient to remember him.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“A great person is one who affects the mind of their generation.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“No, it is better not. She will only ask me to take a message to Albert.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“You can tell the strength of a nation by the women behind its men.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“He who gains time gains everything.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“The Youth of a Nation are the trustees of posterity.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Mr Speaker, I withdraw my statement that half the cabinet are asses – half the cabinet are not asses.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“There is no gambling like politics. Nothing in which the power of circumstance is more evident.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“A book may be as great a thing as a battle.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“There are some silent people who are more interesting than the best talkers.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Everyone likes flattery; and when you come to Royalty you should lay it on with a trowel.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“The disappointment of manhood succeeds the delusion of youth.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“The question is this – Is man an ape or an angel? My Lord, I am on the side of the angels. I repudiate with indignation and abhorrence these new fanged theories.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Sweet is the voice of a sister in the season of sorrow.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Desperation is sometimes as powerful an inspirer as genius.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“I feel a very unusual sensation – if it is not indigestion, I think it must be gratitude.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Cleanliness and order are not matters of instinct; they are matters of education, and like most great things, you must cultivate a taste for them.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“The more extensive a man’s knowledge of what has been done, the greater will be his power of knowing what to do.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Nurture your mind with great thoughts, for you will never go any higher than you think.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“We should never lose an occasion. Opportunity is more powerful even than conquerors and prophets.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“A great city, whose image dwells in the memory of man, is the type of some great idea. Rome represents conquest; Faith hovers over the towers of Jerusalem; and Athens embodies the pre-eminent quality of the antique world, Art.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“The Athanasian Creed is the most splendid ecclesiastical lyric ever poured forth by the genius of man.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“The Continent will not suffer England to be the workshop of the world.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“All power is a trust, that we are accountable for its exercise.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“What we anticipate seldom occurs: but what we least expect generally happens.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Amusement to an observing mind is study.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Upon the education of the people of this country the fate of this country depends.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Little things affect little minds.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Worry – a God, invisible but omnipotent. It steals the bloom from the cheek and lightness from the pulse; it takes away the appetite, and turns the hair gray.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Next to knowing when to seize an opportunity, the most important thing in life is to know when to forego an advantage.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“I never deny. I never contradict. I sometimes forget.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“The girl of the period sets up to be natural, and is only rude; mistakes insolence for innocence; says everything that comes first to her lips, and thinks she is gay when she is only giddy.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Change is as inexorable as time, yet nothing meets with more resistance.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“The Jews are a nervous people. Nineteen centuries of Christian love have taken a toll.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Change is constant in a progressive country.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Having the courage to live within one’s means is respectability.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Every man has a right to be conceited until he is successful.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Nationality is the miracle of political independence; race is the principle of physical analogy.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“I must follow the people. Am I not their leader?” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“It is knowledge that influences and equalizes the social condition of man; that gives to all, however different their political position, passions which are in common, and enjoyments which are universal.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Power has only one duty – to secure the social welfare of the People.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“There are few young women in existence who have not the power of fascinating, if they choose to exert it.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Every man should marry – and no woman.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Like all great travellers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Popular privileges are consistent with a state of society in which there is great inequality of position. Democratic rights, on the contrary, demand that there should be equality of condition as the fundamental basis of the society they regulate.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Action may not always bring happiness; but there is no happiness without action.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“The fool wonders, the wise man asks.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“The fruit of my tree of knowledge is plucked, and it is this: “Adventures are to the adventurous.”” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“I think there is nothing more lovely than the love of two beautiful women who are not envious of each other’s charms.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“We make our fortunes and we call them fate.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Almost everything that is great has been done by youth.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“In the hands of a genius, engineering turns to magic, philosophy becomes poetry, and science pure imagination.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Patience is a necessary ingredient of genius.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Nothing can resist a will which will stake even existence upon its fulfillment.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“When I want to read a novel, I write one.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Propriety of manners, and consideration for others, are the two main characteristics of a gentleman.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Circumstances are beyond human control, but our conduct is in our own power.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“A very remarkable people the Zulus: they defeat our generals, they convert our bishops, they have settled the fate of a great European dynasty.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“The art of conversation is to be prompt without being stubborn, to refute without argument, and to clothe great matters in a motley garb.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“In politics experiments means revolutions.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“The difference between a misfortune and a calamity is this: If Gladstone fell into the Thames, it would be a misfortune. But if someone dragged him out again, that would be a calamity.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Perseverance and tact are the two great qualities most valuable for all those who would climb, but especially for those who have to step out of the crowd.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“No Government can be long secure without a formidable Opposition.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“There is no act of treachery or meanness of which a political party is not capable; for in politics there is no honour.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Every production of genius must be the production of enthusiasm.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Customs may not be as wise as laws, but they are always more popular.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“I will sit down now, but the time will come when you will hear me.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Be thine own privy counsellor.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“We are all born for love. It is the principle of existence, and its only end.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“We are indeed a nation of shopkeepers.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“How fair is a garden amid the toils and passions of existence.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Money is power, and rare are the heads that can withstand the possession of great power.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“A precedent embalms a principle.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“There is no index of character so sure as the voice.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“A good eater must be a good man; for a good eater must have a good digestion, and a good digestion depends upon a good conscience.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“There are three types of lies – lies, damn lies, and statistics.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“If you don’t believe in magic, then you can’t believe in reality.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Man is only great when he acts from passion.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Rothschild is the lord and master of the money markerts of the world and virtually lord and master of everything else.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“The view of Jerusalem is the history of the world; it is more, it is the history of earth and of heaven.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Colonies do not cease to be colonies because they are independent.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“The difference of race is one of the reasons why I fear war may always exist; because race implies difference, difference implies superiority, and superiority leads to predominance.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Nature is stronger than education.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Moderation has been called a virtue to limit the ambition of great men, and to console undistinguished people for their want of fortune and their lack of merit.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“You behold a range of exhausted volcanoes. Not a flame flickers on a single pallid crest.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Through perseverance many people win success out of what seemed destined to be certain failure.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Never complain and never explain.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Judaism is not complete without Christianity and without Judaism, Christianity would not exist.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“The choicest pleasures of life lie within the ring of moderation.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“The first magic of love is our ignorance that it can ever end.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“William Gladstone has not a single redeeming defect.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Where knowledge ends, religion begins.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Never argue. In society nothing must be; give only results. If any person differs from you, bow, and turn the conversation.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Never apologize for showing feeling. When you do so, you apologize for the truth.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Read no history: nothing but biography, for that is life without theory.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Without tact you can learn nothing.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Is man an ape or an angel? Now I am on the side of the angels.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Critics are those who have failed in literature and art.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“People are defeated by easy, victorious and cheap successes more than by adversity.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Wherever is found what is called a paternal government, there is found state education. It has been discovered that the best way to insure implicit obedience is to commence tyranny in the nursery.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“The world is a wheel, and it will all come round right.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Success is the child of audacity.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“The press is not only free, it is powerful. That power is ours. It is the proudest that man can enjoy.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Nature, like man, sometimes weeps from gladness.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Never take anything for granted.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Without tact you can learn nothing. Tact teaches you when to be silent. Inquirers who are always questioning never learn anything.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“The tendency of an advanced civilization is in truth monarchy.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“I have lived long enough to know that the evening glow of love has its own riches and splendour.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“The most dangerous strategy is to jump a chasm in two leaps.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Something unpleasant is coming when men are anxious to tell the truth.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“My idea of an agreeable person is a person who agrees with me.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“What art was to the ancient world, Science is to the modern; the distinctive faculty. In the minds of men, the useful has succeeded to the beautiful.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Governments do not govern, but merely control the machinery of government, being themselves controlled by the hidden hand.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“How much easier it is to be critical than to be correct.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Certainly Manchester is the most wonderful city of modem times.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Knowledge of mankind is a knowledge of their passions.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“The art of governing mankind by deceiving them.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Twilight makes us pensive; Aurora is the goddess of activity; despair curses at midnight; hope blesses at noon.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“A parsimony of words prodigal of sense.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Beware of endeavoring to become a great man in a hurry. One such attempt in ten thousand may succeed. These are fearful odds.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“My objection to Liberalism is this that it is the introduction into the practical business of life of the highest kind namely, politics of philosophical ideas instead of political principles.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“News is that which comes from the North, East, West and South, and if it comes from only one point on the compass, then it is a class; publication and not news.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“All Paradise opens! Let me die eating ortolans to the sound of soft music!” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“If confidence is a plant of slow growth, credit is one which matures much more slowly.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“I am neither a Whig nor Tory. My politics are described in one word and that word is England.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Quit the world, and the world forgets you.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Travel teaches toleration.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Seeing much, suffering much, and studying much, are the three pillars of learning.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“A practical man is a man who practices the errors of his forefathers.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Genius, when young, is divine.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“All must respect those who respect themselves.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“London; a nation, not a city.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Nature has given us two ears but only one mouth.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“If the history of England be ever written by one who has the knowledge and the courage,-and both qualities are equally requisite for the undertaking, – the world will be more astonished than when reading the Roman annals by Niebuhr.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“The best way to become acquainted with a subject is to write about it. ” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“When I left the dining room after sitting next to Mr. Gladstone, I thought he was the cleverest man in England. But after sitting next to Mr. Disraeli, I thought I was the cleverest woman in England.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Courage is fire, and bullying is smoke.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Free trade is not a principle, it is an expedient.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“As a rule, man is a fool. When it’s hot, he wants it cool; When its cool, he wants it hot. Always wanting, what is not.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“What appear to be calamities are often the sources of fortune.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“A canter is the cure for all evil.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Mediocrity can talk, but it is for genius to observe.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Adventures are to the adventurous.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“With words we govern men.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Debt is a prolific mother of folly and of crime.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“I believe absence is a great element of charm.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“But what minutes! Count them by sensation, and not by calendars, and each moment is a day.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“What is crime amongst the multitude, is only vice among the few.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Books are the curse of the human race.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Justice is truth in action.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Modern science has vindicated the natural equality of man.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Be amusing: never tell unkind stories; above all, never tell long ones.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“We moralize among ruins.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“A new acquaintance is like a new book. I prefer it, even if bad, to a classic.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“The profound thinker always suspects that he is superficial.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Christianity teaches us to love our neighbor as ourself; modern society acknowledges no neighbor.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Youth is a blunder; Manhood a struggle, Old Age a regret.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“There is no education like adversity.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Damn your principles! Stick to your party.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Nurture your mind with great thoughts.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Sir, I shall not defeat you – I shall transcend you.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“To do nothing and get something, formed a boy’s ideal of a manly career.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“The divine right of kings may have been a plea for feeble tyrants, but the divine right of government is the keystone of human progress, and without it governments sink into police, and a nation is degraded into a mob.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“A sophisticated rhetorician, inebriated with the exuberance of his own verbosity.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Silence is the mother of truth.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“The greatest good you can do for another is not just share your riches, but to reveal to him his own.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Experience is the child of thought, and thought is the child of action.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Without publicity there can be no public support, and without public support every nation must decay.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime; give a man religion and he will die praying for a fish.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“One secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Time is precious, but truth is more precious than time.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“The most powerful men are not public men: a public man is responsible, and a responsible man is a slave. It is private life that governs the world.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“An obedient wife commands her husband.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Tobacco is the tomb of love.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“Apologies only account for that which they do not alter.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“A female friend, amiable, clever, and devoted, is a possession more valuable than parks and palaces; and without such a muse, few men can succeed in life, none be contented.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“There can be economy only where there is efficiency.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“The health of the people is really the foundation upon which all their happiness and all their powers as a state depend.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“We live in an age when to be young and to be indifferent can be no longer synonymous. We must prepare for the coming hour. The claims of the Future are represented by suffering millions; and the Youth of a Nation are the trustees of Posterity.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

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