Bob Dylan Quotes

Bob Dylan is an iconic American singer-songwriter, widely acknowledged as one of the most influential and revered songsmiths in history. With a career spanning over six decades, he has left an indelible mark on popular culture. Wikipedia

“The tree of life is growing where the spirit never dies, and the bright light of salvation shines in dark and empty skies.” ~ Bob Dylan

“You’ll find out when you reach the top, you’re on the bottom.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Draft beer, not people.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Whatever colors you have in your mind, I’ll show them to you and you’ll see them shine.” ~ Bob Dylan

“A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night, and in between he does what he wants to do.” ~ Bob Dylan

“All I’ve got is a red guitar, three chords and the truth.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Let me feel your love one more time before I abandon it.” ~ Bob Dylan

“There’s only one day at a time here, then it’s tonight and then tomorrow will be today again.” ~ Bob Dylan

“For the loser now Will be later to win.” ~ Bob Dylan

“I accept chaos, I’m not sure whether it accepts me.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Businessmen, they drink my wine, plowmen dig my earth. None of them along the line know what any of it is worth.” ~ Bob Dylan

“I ain’t saying you treated me unkind you could’ve done better, but I don’t mind. You just kinda wasted my precious time. But don’t think twice, it’s alright.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Life is more or less a lie, but then again, that’s exactly the way we want it to be.” ~ Bob Dylan

“I define nothing. Not beauty, not patriotism. I take each thing as it is, without prior rules about what it should be.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Upon four-legged forest clouds the cowboy angel rides.” ~ Bob Dylan

“I don’t think the human mind can comprehend the past and the future. They are both just illusions that can manipulate you into thinking theres some kind of change.” ~ Bob Dylan

“A song is like a dream, and you try to make it come true. They’re like strange countries that you have to enter.” ~ Bob Dylan

“The walls of pride are high and wide, can’t see over to the other side.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Mona Lisa must have had the highway blues; you can tell by the way she smiles.” ~ Bob Dylan

“I was born a long way from where I belong and I am on my way home.” ~ Bob Dylan

“I practice a faith that’s been long abandoned Ain’t no altars on this long and lonesome road.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Everything that I’m saying You can say it just as good.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Chaos is a friend of mine.” ~ Bob Dylan

“May you stay Forever Young.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Don’t follow leaders.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Shedding off one more layer of skin, Keeping one step ahead of the persecutor within.” ~ Bob Dylan

“People have a hard time accepting anything that overwhelms them.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Don’t get up gentlemen. I’m only passing through!” ~ Bob Dylan

“I wish that for just one time you could stand inside my shoes. You’d know what a drag it is to see you.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Don’t Ask Me Nothing About Nothing, I Just Might Tell You the Truth.” ~ Bob Dylan

“There is a house in New Orleans they call the Rising Sun, and it’s been the ruin of many a poor boy and God I know I’m one.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Whenever anybody does something in a big way, it’s always rejected at home and accepted someplace else.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Black is the Color and none is the number.” ~ Bob Dylan

“God, I’m glad I’m not me.” ~ Bob Dylan

“People disagreeing everywhere you look makes you wanna stop and read a book. ” ~ Bob Dylan

“If not for you, winter wouldn’t hold no spring, couldn’t hear a robin sing. I just wouldn’t have a clue, if not for you.” ~ Bob Dylan

“This land is your land and this land is my land, sure, but the world is run by those that never listen to music anyway.” ~ Bob Dylan

“How many deaths will it take ’till we know that too many people have died?” ~ Bob Dylan

“If I had wings, no one would ask me: should I fly?” ~ Bob Dylan

“I’m in love with my second cousin.” ~ Bob Dylan

“There’s a wall between you and what you want and you got to leap it.” ~ Bob Dylan

“I’m more of an adventurous type than a relationship type.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Sundown, yellow moon, I replay the past I know every scene by heart, they all went by so fast.” ~ Bob Dylan

“I’m mortified to be on the stage, but then again, it’s the only place where I’m happy.” ~ Bob Dylan

“I consider myself a poet first and a musician second. I live like a poet and I’ll die like a poet.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Let the dead bury the dead, your time will come.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Well, you always know who you are. I just don’t know who I’m gonna become.” ~ Bob Dylan

“How many times can a man turn his head, and pretend that he just doesn’t see?” ~ Bob Dylan

“I believe in you, even though I be outnumbered.” ~ Bob Dylan

“The hollow horn plays wasted words, proves to warn that he not busy being born is busy dying.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Time is an ocean, but it ends at the shore.” ~ Bob Dylan

“It’s not dark yet But it’s getting there.” ~ Bob Dylan

“If you don’t believe there’s a price for this sweet paradise, just remind me to show you the scars.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Keep a good head and always carry a light bulb.” ~ Bob Dylan

“People don’t live or die, people just float.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Come Senators, Congressman, please heed the call, don’t stand in the doorway, don’t block the hall.” ~ Bob Dylan

“I’m one too many mornings, and a thousand miles behind.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Call me any name you like I will never deny it.” ~ Bob Dylan

“I set my monkey on the log, and ordered him to do the Dog. He wagged his tail and shook his head, and he went and did the Cat instead.” ~ Bob Dylan

“All I can do is be me, whoever that is.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Freedom just around the corner for you, but with the truth so far off, what good will it do?” ~ Bob Dylan

“I’ll always thank the Lord when my working day is through, I get my sweet reward to be alone with you.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.” ~ Bob Dylan

“All the truth in the world adds up to one big lie.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Ain’t no use jiving, ain’t no use joking, everything is broken.” ~ Bob Dylan

“If you want to keep your memories, you first have to live them.” ~ Bob Dylan

“I am against nature. I don’t dig nature at all. I think nature is very unnatural. I think the truly natural things are dreams, which nature can’t touch with decay.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Who am I helping, what am I breaking, what am I giving, what am I taking?” ~ Bob Dylan

“I change during the course of a day. I wake and I’m one person, and when I go to sleep I know for certain I’m somebody else.” ~ Bob Dylan

“We never thought we could ever get old.” ~ Bob Dylan

“And there’s no one there to dry your tears. I could hold you for a million years. To make you feel my love.” ~ Bob Dylan

“The times they are a-changing.” ~ Bob Dylan

“The highlight of my career? That’s easy, Elvis recording one of my songs.” ~ Bob Dylan

“If you try to be anyone but yourself, you will fail; if you are not true to your own heart, you will fail. Then again, there’s no success like failure.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Done laid around, done stayed around This old town too long And it seems like I’ve got to travel on.” ~ Bob Dylan

“All the money you made will never buy back your soul.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Yesterday’s just a memory, tomorrow is never what it’s supposed to be.” ~ Bob Dylan

“There is nothing so stable as change.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Wasn’t making any great connection Wasn’t falling for any intricate scheme Nothing that would pass inspection Just thinking of a series of dreams.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Her profession’s her religion, her sin is lifelessness.” ~ Bob Dylan

“I don’t want no pickle. Just want to ride my motorcycle.” ~ Bob Dylan

“I ain’t looking to compete with you, beat, or cheat, or mistreat you, simplify you, classify you, deny, defy, or crucify you. All I really want to do is, baby, be friends with you.” ~ Bob Dylan

“And it’s a hard, It’s a hard, It’s a hard, It’s a hard, It’s a hard rain gonna fall.” ~ Bob Dylan

“She knows there’s no success like failure, and that failure’s no success at all.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Inspiration is hard to come by. You have to take it where you find it.” ~ Bob Dylan

“I’ve never been able to understand the seriousness of it all, the seriousness of pride. People talk, act, live as if they’re never going to die. And what do they leave behind? Nothing. Nothing but a mask.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Your old road is rapidly aging. Please get out of the new one If you can’t lend your hand, For the times they are a-changin’.” ~ Bob Dylan

“How many a year has passed and gone and many gamble has been lost and won, and many a road taken by a friend and each one I’ve never seen again.” ~ Bob Dylan

“So I cut off my hair and I rode straight away, to the wild unknown country where I could not go wrong.” ~ Bob Dylan

“We all like motorcycles to some degree.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Life has its ups and downs, and time has to be your partner. Really, time is your soul mate.” ~ Bob Dylan

“The woman I love she got a prize fighter nose, cauliflower ears and a run in her hose.” ~ Bob Dylan

“How many years can some people exist before they’re allowed to be free…” ~ Bob Dylan

“For them that think death’s honesty won’t fall upon them naturally life sometimes must get lonely.” ~ Bob Dylan

“I accept chaos. I am not sure whether it accepts me. I know some people are terrified of the bomb. But then some people are terrified to be seen carrying a modern screen magazine. Experience teaches us that silence terrifies people the most.” ~ Bob Dylan

“I think of a hero as someone who understands the degree of responsibility that comes with his freedom.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Some people seem to fade away but then when they are truly gone, it’s like they didn’t fade away at all.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Oh, time is short and the days are sweet and passion rules the arrow that flies.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Good and bad, I define these terms, quite clear, no doubt, somehow.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Gates appeal to me because of the negative space they allow. They can be closed but at the same time they allow the seasons and breezes to enter and flow. They can shut you out or shut you in. And in some ways there is no difference.” ~ Bob Dylan

“They say everything can be replaced, Yet every distance is not near. So I remember every face Of every man who put me here. I see my light come shining From the west unto the east. Any day now, any day now, I shall be released.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Yesterday is just a memory.” ~ Bob Dylan

“But even the President of the United States sometimes must have to stand naked.” ~ Bob Dylan

“You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.” ~ Bob Dylan

“People seldom do what they believe in. They do what is convenient, then repent.” ~ Bob Dylan

“You’re gonna have to serve somebody.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Just because you like my stuff doesn’t mean I owe you anything.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Maybe someday you will understand, that something for nothing is everybody’s plan.” ~ Bob Dylan

“What looks large from a distance, close up ain’t never that big.” ~ Bob Dylan

“You’re gonna have to serve somebody; well, it may be the devil, or it may be the Lord, but you’re gonna have to serve somebody…” ~ Bob Dylan

“My senses have been stripped, my hands can’t feel to grip, my toes to numb to step, wait only for my boot heels to be wandering.” ~ Bob Dylan

“I was never a topical songwriter.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Let me ask you one question Is your money that good Will it buy you forgiveness Do you think that it could I think you will find When your death takes its toll All the money you made Will never buy back your soul.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Don’t criticize what you can’t understand.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Being noticed can be a burden. Jesus got himself crucified because he got himself noticed. So I disappear a lot.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Advertising signs: they con you into thinking you’re the one That can do what’s never been done That can win what’s never been won Meantime life outside goes on all around you.” ~ Bob Dylan

“May you always be courageous, stand upright and be strong, may you stay forever young.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am…” ~ Bob Dylan

“The truth was obscure, Too profound and too pure, To live it you had to explode.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Your heart is like the ocean, mysterious and dark.” ~ Bob Dylan

“It’s like my whole life never happened, When I see you, it’s as if I never had a thought. I know this dream, it might be crazy, But it’s the only one I’ve got.” ~ Bob Dylan

“When you think that you lost everything you find out you can always lose a little more.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Reality has always had too many heads.” ~ Bob Dylan

“I gaze into the doorway of temptation’s angry flame And every time I pass that way I always hear my name.” ~ Bob Dylan

“The land created me. I’m wild and lonesome. Even as I travel the cities, I’m more at home in the vacant lots.” ~ Bob Dylan

“I make my stand and remain as I am, and bid farewell and not give a damn.” ~ Bob Dylan

“They’re selling postcards of the hanging.” ~ Bob Dylan

“The good Samaritan, he’s getting dressed, he’s getting ready for the show. He’s going to the carnival tonight on Desolation Row.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Even I don’t know what I’m saying most of the time.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Little red wagon, little red bike, I ain’t no monkey but I know what I like.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Money doesn’t talk, it swears.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Morality has nothing in common with politics.” ~ Bob Dylan

“There are those who worship loneliness, I’m not one of them In this age of fiberglass I’m searching for a gem The crystal ball up on the wall hasn’t shown me nothing yet I’ve paid the price of solitude, but at last I’m out of debt.” ~ Bob Dylan

“So happy just to be alive, Underneath the sky of blue, On this new morning, new morning, On this new morning with you.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Good intentions can be evil, both hands are full of grease. You know, sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace.” ~ Bob Dylan

“How many roads must a man walk down, Before you call him a man? How many seas must a white dove sail, Before she sleeps in the sand? Yes, and how many times must the cannon balls fly, Before they’re forever banned?” ~ Bob Dylan

“Strange how people who suffer together have stronger connections than those who are most content.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Mama, put my guns in the ground, I can’t shoot them anymore. That long black cloud is coming down.” ~ Bob Dylan

“You better start swimming, or you’ll sink like a stone. Because the Time’s they are a-changing.” ~ Bob Dylan

“I got this grave yard woman.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Patriotism is the last refuge to which a scoundrel clings.” ~ Bob Dylan

“When you feel in your gut what you are and then dynamically pursue it – don’t back down and don’t give up – then you’re going to mystify a lot of folks.” ~ Bob Dylan

“He not busy being born is busy dying.” ~ Bob Dylan

“I’m determined to stand whether God will deliver me or not.” ~ Bob Dylan

“There must be some kind of way out of here,? said the joker to the thief…” ~ Bob Dylan

“Gonna change my way of thinking, make my self a different set of rules. Gonna put my good foot forward and stop being influenced by fools.” ~ Bob Dylan

“I kinda live where I find myself.” ~ Bob Dylan

“You never turned around to see the frowns on the jugglers and the clowns when they all did tricks for you.” ~ Bob Dylan

“I like Fidel Castro and his beard.” ~ Bob Dylan

“I think women rule the world and that no man has ever done anything that a woman either hasn’t allowed him to do or encouraged him to do.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Loneliness, tenderness, high society, notoriety, you fight for the throne and you travel alone.” ~ Bob Dylan

“I like spiritual songs. They struck me as truthful and serious. They brought me down to earth and they lifted me up all in the same moment.” ~ Bob Dylan

“The line it is drawn The curse it is cast The slow one now Will later be fast As the present now Will later be past The new order is Rapidly fadin’. And the first one now Will later be last For the times they are a-changin’.” ~ Bob Dylan

“We have never arrived. We are in a constant state of becoming.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Doesn’t expecting the unexpected make the unexpected expected?” ~ Bob Dylan

“The times are a-changing and if we don’t we will sink like a stone.” ~ Bob Dylan

“The warrior who’s strength is not to fight.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Steal a little, and they put you in jail. Steal a lot, and they make you king.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Couldn’t help but make me feel ashamed to live in a land where justice is a game.” ~ Bob Dylan

“My love is like some raven at my window with a broken wing.” ~ Bob Dylan

“God bless you all with peace, tranquility and good will.” ~ Bob Dylan

“When you’re sad and when you’re lonely and you haven’t got a friend, just remember that death is not the end.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Loneliness Got a mind of its own The more people around The more you feel alone.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Everything in New Orleans is a good idea.” ~ Bob Dylan

“You’ll never be greater than yourself.” ~ Bob Dylan

“May your heart always be joyful. May your song always be sung.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Experience teaches us that silence terrifies people the most.” ~ Bob Dylan

“I feel like falling in love with the first woman I meet, putting her in a wheel-barrow and wheeling her down the street.” ~ Bob Dylan

“How does it feel, how does it feel to be without a home, like a complete unknown, like a rolling stone.” ~ Bob Dylan

“All the people we used to know, they’re an illusion to me now.” ~ Bob Dylan

“The purpose of art is to stop time.” ~ Bob Dylan

“If God is on our side, he’ll stop the next war.” ~ Bob Dylan

“You should always take the best from the past, leave the worst back there and go forward into the future.” ~ Bob Dylan

“I kissed goodbye the howling beast on the borderline which separated you from me.” ~ Bob Dylan

“There are many here among us who feel that life is but a joke. But you and I, we’ve been through that, and this is not our fate, so let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Art is a never-ending dance of illusions.” ~ Bob Dylan

“I was so much older then; I’m younger than that now. From the back pages.” ~ Bob Dylan

“You’re better than no one and no one is better than you.” ~ Bob Dylan

“May you grow up to be righteous, may you grow up to be true. May you always know the truth and see the lights surrounding you. May you always be courageous, stand upright and be strong. May you stay forever young.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Socialism, hypnotism, patriotism, materialism, fools making laws for the breaking of jaws.” ~ Bob Dylan

“To live outside the law, you must be honest.” ~ Bob Dylan

“She never stumbles, she’s got no place to fall. She’s nobody’s child, the law can’t touch her at all.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Your mind is a your temple, keep it beautiful and free. Don’t let an egg get laid in it by something you can’t see.” ~ Bob Dylan

“I hurt easy, I just don’t show it. You can hurt someone and not even know it.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Look out your window, and I’ll be gone. You’re the reason I’m a-traveling on…” ~ Bob Dylan

“You must be vulnerable to be sensitive to reality. And to be vulnerable is just another way of saying that one has nothing more to lose. I don’t have anything but darkness to lose.” ~ Bob Dylan

“I think of rock ‘n’ roll as a combination of country blues and swing band music, not Chicago blues, and modern pop.” ~ Bob Dylan

“After a while you earn that privacy is something you can sell, but you can’t buy it back.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Take me on a trip upon your magic swirling ship.” ~ Bob Dylan

“A mistake is to commit a misunderstanding.” ~ Bob Dylan

“The battle outside raging will soon shake your windows and rattle your walls.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Behind every beautiful thing, there’s some kind of pain.” ~ Bob Dylan

“One should never be where one does not belong.” ~ Bob Dylan

“The pump don’t work cause the vandals took the handle.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Folk music is a bunch of fat people.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Creativity has much to do with experience, observation and imagination, and if any one of those key elements is missing, it doesn’t work.” ~ Bob Dylan

“It is the first line that gives the inspiration and then it’s like riding a bull. Either you just stick with it, or you don’t.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Most songs have bridges in them, to distract listeners from the main verses of a song so they don’t get bored. My songs don’t have a lot of bridges because lyric poetry never had them.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Democracy don’t rule the world, You’d better get that in your head; This world is ruled by violence, But I guess that’s better left unsaid.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Music attracts the angels in the universe.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Sometimes it’s not enough to know what things mean, sometimes you have to know what things don’t mean.” ~ Bob Dylan

“I’ve never written a political song. Songs can’t save the world. I’ve gone through all that.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Romance never does go out of fashion. It’s radical. But it’s out of step with the current media culture.” ~ Bob Dylan

“I’ll let you be in my dreams if I can be in yours.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Now all the criminals in their suits and ties are free to drink martinis and watch the sunrise.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Remember when you’re out there trying to heal the sick, that you must always first forgive them.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Life is sad, life is a bust, all you can do is do what you must.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Never make it perfect.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Everything passes, Everything changes, Just do what you think you should do.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Forget the dead you’ve left, they will not follow you.” ~ Bob Dylan

“You always got to be prepared but you never know for what.” ~ Bob Dylan

“You say love is just a four letter word.” ~ Bob Dylan

“I believe that instinct is what makes a genius a genius.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Yes, to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free, Silhouetted by the sea, circled by the circus sands.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Nothing is better, nothing is best, take heed of this and get plenty of rest.” ~ Bob Dylan

“I saw ten thousand talkers whose tongues were all broken, I saw guns and sharp swords in the hands of young children, And it’s a hard, it’s a hard, it’s a hard, it’s a hard, It’s a hard rain’s a-gonna fall.” ~ Bob Dylan

“You can always come back, but you can’t come back all the way.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Don’t matter how much money you got, there’s only two kinds of people: there’s saved people and there’s lost people.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Take me disappearing, through the smoke rings of my mind, down the foggy ruins of time…” ~ Bob Dylan

“No one is free, even the birds are chained to the sky.” ~ Bob Dylan

“You have to work out where your place is. And who you are. But we’re all spirit. That’s all we are, we’re just walking dressed up in a suit of skin, and we’re going to leave that behind.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Come you masters of war You that build all the guns You that build the death planes You that build the big bombs You that hide behind walls You that hide behind desks I just want you to know I can see through your masks.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Why wait any longer for the one you love When he’s standing in front of you.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Well, I try my best to be just like I am, But everybody wants you to be just like them, They sing while you slave and I just get bored.” ~ Bob Dylan

“I hate myself for loving you and the weakness that it showed. You were just a painted face on a trip down to suicide road.” ~ Bob Dylan

“The sun’s not yellow, its chicken!” ~ Bob Dylan

“In ceremonies of the horsemen, even the pawn must hold a grudge.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Broken bottles, broken plates, broken switches, broken gates. Broken dishes, broken parts, streets are filled with broken hearts.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Take care of all your memories. For you cannot relive them.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Art is the perpetual motion of illusion. The highest purpose of art is to inspire. What else can you do? What else can you do for any one but inspire them?” ~ Bob Dylan

“Peace is the time it takes to reload your rifle.” ~ Bob Dylan

“When you got nothing, you got nothing to lose.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Sometimes the silence can be like thunder.” ~ Bob Dylan

“You can’t be wise and in love at the same time.” ~ Bob Dylan

“I met a young man who was wounded in love, I met another man who was wounded in hatred.” ~ Bob Dylan

“The land of milk and honey, they say it is the land of money.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Love is all there is, it makes the world go ’round Love and only love, it can’t be denied No matter what you think about it You just won’t be able to do without it Take a tip from one who’s tried.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Is your money that good, will it buy you forgiveness?” ~ Bob Dylan

“All this talk about equality. The only thing people really have in common is that they are all going to die.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Truth is an arrow and the gate is narrow that it passes through.” ~ Bob Dylan

“There’s eyes behind the mirrors in empty places.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Well, I sing by night, wander by day. I’m on the road and it looks like I’m here to stay.” ~ Bob Dylan

“An artist has got to be careful never really to arrive at a place where he thinks he’s AT somewhere. You always have to realize that you’re constantly in a state of becoming. And, as long as you can stay in that realm you’ll sort of be alright.” ~ Bob Dylan

“You breathed on me and made my life a richer one to live, when I was deep in poverty you taught me how to give. Dried the tears up from my dreams and pulled me from my hole, quenched my thirst and satisfied the burning in my soul.” ~ Bob Dylan

“If you can’t lend a hand, then get out of the way.” ~ Bob Dylan

“I gave her my heart but she wanted my soul…” ~ Bob Dylan

“Shakespeare, he’s in the alley with his pointed shoes and his bells, speaking to some French girl who says she knows me well.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Inside the museum infinity goes up on trial. Voices echo, ‘This is what salvation must be like after a while.’ But Mona Lisa must have had the highway blues; you can tell by the way she smiles.” ~ Bob Dylan

“I am hanging in the balance of a perfect finished plan, like every sparrow falling, like every grain of sand.” ~ Bob Dylan

“The future for me is already a thing of the past – You were my first love and you will be my last.” ~ Bob Dylan

“The naked truth is still taboo.” ~ Bob Dylan

“It’s mighty funny. The end of time has just begun.” ~ Bob Dylan

“If you don’t underestimate me, I won’t underestimate you.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Don’t think twice, it’s alright.” ~ Bob Dylan

“A poem is a naked person.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Although the masters make the rules for the wise men and the fools, I’ve got nothing, Ma, to live up to.” ~ Bob Dylan

“Everything’s a business. Love, truth, beauty. Conversation is a business. Spirituality is not a business, so it’s going to go against the grain of people who are trying to exploit other people.” ~ Bob Dylan

“I am a restless soul hungry perhaps wretched.” ~ Bob Dylan

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